Stop jumping into your handstand! Learn how to finally succeed at pressing up instead! Now is the time to "Ellavate" your inversion practice!

 Find out specifically why you can't do a press handstand

 Learn and discover how to Tuck, Straddle and Pike Press to Handstand

Create a clear action plan towards success so you too can press handstand like a pro!

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You don't have a clear understanding of what a press handstand actually entails and therefore you don't have a clear action plan, or at least not a very good one. 🙊🙈🙉

Let's be honest for a second..... Do you truly understand the mechanics of a press to handstand or is it more of a guess at this point? Do you honestly understand why you're stuck? 🚫

Perhaps you understand components of the press to handstand, but how do you actually put the whole thing together? I mean, do you need more strength or is flexibility the problem? Do you even know? What if there was a clear step by step plan you could follow? One that would finally allow you to discover the reasons you have't been able to Press Handstand? A better smarter approach than the one you've currently got going on. One created for you by a former Junior Olympic Romanian Gymnast!

Imagine yourself moving from the confusion of what to practice to a clear step by step action plan! Imagine shifting from the frustration of not understanding how to press to actually doing it! You could finally stop jumping into your handstand and start pressing into your Tuck, Straddle and Pike Press! Imagine the possibilities this would unlock for your arm balance and inversion practice! Just imagine!!


If you're trying to learn how to press handstand just by going to yoga classes, I'm sorry to tell you, but you're most likely going to fail. Yoga classes give you very little time to actually work on inversions. Honestly, do you think 3-5 minutes of inversion time per class is really going to give you a complex skill like a press handstand? Is your Yoga teacher able to do a press handstand? Do they have the knowledge, understanding and experience to guide you into one?😳

The truth is....

You need help creating a clear action plan that will take you from where you currently are, to where you would like to be. You need to discover HOW to Press to Handstand with ease and understand WHAT it is you're asking your body to do in order for you to achieve this complex skill. — The journey starts by quieting down the ego that wants instant gratification so you can give yourself a chance to learn.

Don't give up because it's possible and realistic to get your press to handstand. With the correct approach and under the right guidance, you can get there!  But you do need the help of a teacher with a very specific skill set. What you really need is the help of someone like an ex gymnast. Someone who has been doing this skill set for years on a tiny apparatus like a balance beam and has the knowledge and understanding to help you!

Hi! My name is Ella and I'm a handstand lover, just like you but unlike you, my journey to handstands started at a very young age.

I was raised in Romania as part of both a Communist society and the country's Junior Olympic Team of Gymnastics. Although my body developed great strength through gymnastics (and I found surprising solitude being upside down) I often lived in fear. That reality is reflected in my emphasis on the mental aspect of yoga. Because, lets be honest- we both know learning a complex skill like a press to handstand is just as much mental as it is physical, if not more! That is also true for all aspects of your life--  what other areas are waiting for you to take action? Where else are you paralyzed by fear?

I always say that Romania gave me the ability of being able to do a badass handstand anytime, anywhere! That was my gift from the horrible childhood I had being raised as an Olympic hopeful in one of the most opressed Eastern Bloc Communist countries.... but this gift of a handstand has also changed my LIFE.

It has given me a specific skillset and niche on which to build a career upon. As an "inversion specialist" and a long time well known and respected Los Angeles Yoga Teacher, I got to travel the world teaching other people how to transform their lives, overcome their fears, quiet their ego and return them back to searching, seeking and living in the heart.

All this transformation took place while being upside down in a yes, this might be a Press to Handstand Course but its truly a new way to discover how to think and be in this journey called life.

What you need to know...

Your approach is not working.... it may have gotten you started, but now its becoming the reason why you're stuck. Taking advice from Instagram accounts and youtube videos is one way to go, but I'm sure we can agree that it is not the smartest or most efficient approach.

So you keep trying to press to handstand while listening to random tips from everyone hoping that this will get your press up but in lack consistency know you need a better plan. 😳

You can continue taking random advice from people on the internet but aren't you tired of this approach? Now that you know this approach is getting you nowhere, don't you want to do better?

Don't you want to move from frustration to success???

A curated course that focuses specifically on teaching you how to press to handstand with ease is the smartest way to go! This course is your missing link for success! This is how you move from jumping into your handstand, to pressing up like a pro! 

Are you ready to make your Press to Handstand dreams come true?

Begin your Press to Handstand journey like these fellow yogis!


Press Handstand Like a Pro!


A step by step press to handstand course for the yogi who can do a handstand but not yet press into one. This is a unique tailored approach to learning how to press that I created from all my years of being part of the Jr. Olympic Gymnastics Team of Romania!


Press to Handstand training Course that you can access 24/7 through your computer, phone or app available to you anytime, anywhere!

Here you can practice the classes, track your progress and watch your inversion practice grow!

What You Receive Inside the Press to Handstand Course

Press to Handstand is a 4 week interactive kick ass Course, that offers a combination of live and pre recorded classes giving you the best of both worlds. Missed the live class? No worries. You can catch the replay!

  • 24/7 immediate access to the Course so you can start practicing when you're ready! You will find over 5 hours of Press to Handstand content here!  You will  also receive LIFETIME access to this specific course!  How cool is that!

  • A clean and effective action plan on how to achieve your PRESS, TUCK and PIKE Press to Handstand in record time! This is a modified workout plan of how I trained as a young gymnast in Eastern Bloc Romania.

  • You will gain access to the same drills and concepts (3 key principles) that my teammates and I used to learn our Press to Handstand as young Olympic hopefuls of Romania.

  • Individual feedback from me!  Outside of the Live Zoom classes, you will get to post your homework in the "members only" Facebook group where you will receive individual feedback from me. Imagine having access to that for a whole month!!  This will allow me to help you troubleshoot problems you may be having!

  • 4 LIVE 90 minute zoom workshops where you will receive personal feedback in real time.

  •  3 LIVE (and recorded) 60 minute Inversion based classes.

  • Access to a kick ass International community who love Handstands just like you! We all know the importance and power of a community that can support one another in our journey!  Post your videos within our "members only" Facebook group and  receive personal feedback from me! 

  • Replays!  If you can't make the live classes, please watch the "replays" so you can get the most out of this course!  You can gain access to them by going to your membership portal.  Replays will be available to you right away. 

  • Workshops begin on Sundays at 8:00 am PST / 4:00 pm UK  from July 18th - August 8. 

  • Inversion based Live classes will be on Wednesday's starting July 21st.  Same time as the workshops.

  • Continuing Education Hours upon Completion for the registered Yoga Alliance Teachers!

Module 1


The Warm Up
The Cool Down
What is a Press Handstand?
Root to Rise
Straddle Sock Slides
Pike Sock Slides
Recoded 60 minute Inversion class 
Recorded 90 min Zoom Workshop
Module 2


Picasso Pick Ups
Wall Pancakes
Kaplash Drills
Core and Hip Flexors
Handstand to Prasarita
Handstand to Straddle
Recorded 60 minute Inversion Class
Recorded 90 min Zoom Workshop
Module 3


How To Tuck Float
How To Pike Float
Ellavate Your Tuck Press
Ellavate Your Straddle Press 
Ellavate Your Pike Press
Block L Shape & Pike Press
Recorded 60 minute Inversion Class
Recorded 90 min Zoom Workshop
Module 4


Straddle Press @ the Wall 
Simulate a Straddle Press
Simulate a Pike Press
Tuck Press on Blocks
Straddle Press on Blocks
Pike Press on Blocks

Ella's Favorite Press Handstand Drill

Recorded 90 min Zoom Workshop
Are you ready to find success like these fellow yogis?!

Who is this program for?!

🎯  Serious students and teachers who can do a handstand but can't figure out how to press into one and would like a tailored step by step approach. 

🎯 Yoga teachers who not only want to learn how to Press Handstand, but would also like to gain more tools to help their own students!

🎯 Intermediate Vinyasa Yogis who love inversions but don't have access to this level of teaching where they live.

🎯 Frustrated students and teachers who feel stuck and would like to discover, practice and learn how to Tuck, Straddle and Pike Press to Handstand!

🎯 Type A yogi's who want to learn how to Press to Handstand from a Eastern Bloc Romanian Gymnast.

Registered Yoga Teachers: This Press to Handstand Course gives you 5 CEUs (continuing education units) with the Yoga Alliance. Upon completion of the program, you may request a Certificate of Completion once and if you wish, register your CEU hours with YA.

What is the investment to learn how to Press Handstand?!

The biggest mistake most yogis make is they believe that they can learn this complex skill for FREE by watching Instagram and YouTube videos and hoping that will lead them to success.

How is this working out for you? This is one way to go but its slow, ineffective and will set you for failure, not success.

You can keep going to yoga classes….

And pray that a miracle will occur during that 3-5 minute window that you're given to work on inversions.

Have you found this approach to be effective so far?

You can try taking workshops and pick up great tips along the way, but once the workshop ends and you're back home, ask yourself: Do you have a clear step by step plan on how to finally Press to Handstand? 

You're failing due to your crappy approach and lack of clarity.   So what do you do?   What other options do you have?  To give you perspective, I charge $300 per private session and you can expect to need at least 30 sessions to get and master your Press to Handstand - that's $9,000!

You can join one of my  retreats that will cost you anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000 for the week.

You can take workshops with which will cost you around $50 for two hours and you will leave without having retained it all.....

All of these choices and you will still not have a clear action plan.

If you want to finally learn how to Press to Handstand and discover an efficient and clear action plan without the crazy costs and without feeling like you’re going at it alone,  then your solution is to take a tailored course created by a Junior Olympic Romanian Gymnast that teaches you and other fellow yogis how to Press Handstand like a Pro!

This is your chance to learn and discover how to finally stop jumping into your handstand and start pressing instead!  Let me show you how to make the impossible possible!

Enroll in the Press to Handstand Course

Pay in full or choose 3 monthly installments



These kick ass surprises will further help assist your continuing education and help set you up for success!!!

You will receive $200 off 2022 RETREATS at my Finca on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico!


To further support your continuing education, I would like to offer you ONE YEAR full access to my Membership site! 

On there, you will find a growing library of over 150 classes broken down in 4 different styles: Drills, Vinyasa, Yin and Stretching!  In addition, you will also gain access to 10 different programs tailored towards working on a specific skill set!

Imagine practicing with me for another full year as you continue to grow your inversion practice!   $150 Value!

 Exclusive Workshops That Can Only Be Found Within This Course!

Gain a lifetime access to the 3 videos from this week's training! You will also get to keep my "9 reasons why you can't Press to Handstand" workshop. Please watch it as many times as you need to until the concepts in the video began to stick. Your whole inversion practice should be built on those concepts!  $500 Value!

Are you ready for this to be you?! 👇

Doors Close In









Your investment is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee!

I 100% believe in the content of this course.  Its been tested by Olympic hopefuls.  However, it only works if you work it!  You must follow the order and not jump ahead. 

If after 30 days of training, watching and participating in the workshops, you find yourself unhappy, you may email me for a refund.

Just simply record your practice and e-mail a 10-minute video for each section of the course.  Please explain to me where you're stuck and unable to make progress.  I will than refund your investment.


Do you feel intimated and not prepared to start your Quest for the Press journey? Are you sure that's not the negatives voices in your head messing with you? Why do you give them so much power?!

Are you ready for this to be you?!



It's time to continue doing nothing OR make a choice.

The first choice is to continue on the path you're on with little to no success, so might as well do nothing. ….

BUT, if you know that there's a better more effective action plan laid out for you why not take it?! Why not give yourself a fair shot on training your Press to Handstand?

Time waits for no one. If you're ready to sign up, go to the end of this page and do it!!!  You can get started today!

But if you don't think you're worth the investment, then do nothing.

The choice is yours to make.

But choose quickly!

Because registration will soon be closing and won’t be open again until next year.

Enrollment in the Press to Handstand Course is only available to you until July 15th.

Let's be honest. Who are you currently training with?! Are you satisfied with your current action?

How often do you get the opportunity to learn how to Press Handstand from a former Junior Olympic Gymnast of Romania?! With the right teacher, a clear step by step plan and your willingness to put in the work, a Press to Handstand CAN become a reality for you!

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide that you're ready to make this dream a reality. I will be there to support your journey!

You can choose to waste another year and watch from the sidelines......or get in the game!

If you're ready to learn and discover how to Press to Handstand like a Pro, then join me today:)


Check out my answers to your favorite questions:)

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Stop Jumping Into Your Handstand!

Discover How to Finally Press To Handstand Instead!

You Can Do It!

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